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About Port of Skellefteå

Skellefteå is the central engine of growth in northern Sweden. Our location in the middle of the region's coastal belt makes us an easily accessible and unique transportation hub for shipping, trains, trucks and planes. The road to the world has never been closer.

Port of Skellefteå manages the infrastructure in the various port sections, including areas and warehouses. We work for our customers, residents and the environment. With our unique geographical location, we are the obvious choice for our growing business community and customers in need of a partner in northern Sweden. The port works closely with the various customers in the port area and leases out almost 9.5 hectares to businesses that benefit the city's growth.

In addition to loading and unloading by sea, freight is also handled via rail to and from Skellefteå. We load sawn timber and containers to all corners of the world and unload energy and input goods. The stevedore company ShoreLink Terminal AB handles all loading and unloading in the port.

Port of Skellefteå also owns the tugboat Baus , which with its crew assists ships and breaks ice during the winter months. The port intends to procure a new tugboat as part of our investment in a more sustainable port.


Port of Skellefteå is owned by Skellefteå municipality and is run as a unit in Samhällsbyggnad's business area.

Our quays

Port of Skellefteå has short sailing and good connections with both the E4 and the main line.

Trade quay (Handelskajen)
Length: 300 m
Fairway depth: 8.2 m
Here we handle sawn timber, wind turbines, etc.

Jubilee quay (Jubileumskajen)
Length: 230 m
Fairway depth: 8.2 meters
At this quay we handle e.g. container, roro, wood pellets & iron scrap

Energy quay (Energikajen)
Length: 70 m
Fairway depth: 9.3 m
Chemicals and petroleum products are unloaded and loaded here.

Cement quay (Cementkajen)
Length: 47.3 m
Fairway depth: 5.4 m
Only cement is unloaded at this quay.


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