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Port development

We start by dredging to build an embankment to enclose the new land area, which will then be filled with dredged material and crushed rock on one half and iron sand and crushed rock on the other.

When we build the embankment and fill it to future ground level, we will load it with 2-3 meters of crushed rock to take out any subsidence in the surfaces. Since there are loose masses at the bottom of both areas, there will be subsidence both where we build with dredged material and iron sand.
The second dredger, owned by Svenska Tungdykargruppen, arrived at the port at the end of May and will be assembled in early June to increase the pace of excavation.

The maintenance dredging of the southern port will take place in the fall of 2020. We will also dredge the fairway in the middle of the port basin. The black floating hoses visible in the water are the floating bodies of the environmental screens (silt screens) that will prevent the turbidity from reaching outside the work area. There are openings in the screens where we have bubble curtains that also prevent the turbidity from escaping the work area.

The new quay will be built outside the newly created land area and will be between 250 and 275 m long. It will allow a draught for the vessels of just over 11 m.
We will also put up fences and gates with access during the month of June which will be permanent. The port will put up signs referring to the new road leading to the marina during June.

The crushed rock comes from the deep storage that Boliden is doing under the Rönnskärsverket. For several years, the port has received the rock material and stored it on the surfaces in the oil harbor to be used in the project that has now begun. "We are also still transporting rock to the oil port. We will stop doing this at the end of June when we have received enough for the project.

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