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The fairway project

The overall objective of the fairway project is to increase the capacity of the Port of Skellefteå to meet the demand and needs of the business community. The project will lead to preparing the port for feeder traffic, enabling night driving for larger vessels and increasing storage areas in the vicinity of container handling. Completed at the turn of 2021/2022.

After completion of the project, an updated port that has the conditions for feeder traffic is expected to be available. The bottleneck that today's fairway entails is remedied and the port can receive larger vessels during a wider daily window and meet the demand for storage in connection with transport via shipping. Port of Skellefteå is a competitive and low-carbon transport and logistics solution for the region's business community. An important node in a chain of multimodal transport and a given counterpart in a low-carbon transport mode that relieves bottlenecks.

Expected long-term effects
The long-term effects are that the Port of Skellefteå's fairway can handle an increased number of larger ship calls and also meet the industry's increased demand for freight transport. This in turn indicates growth in the region and business competitiveness. Larger volumes also mean better turnover and thus there are conditions for the port operations to be a good partner for the business community.

The project also expects to see a regional business community that acts on the international market, which is competitive and contributes to increased employment in the region. The target group will benefit from the results through an accessible port with good transport links and storage facilities that provide a good service to existing and future actors in the region. After completion of the project, the activities and the dialog with customers and stakeholders will continue in order to further develop the activities to the customers' requirements and the region's best interests.

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