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Landfill project

Work on the north side to build new land is progressing as planned. The days when the project was behind schedule have been made up and now the project is on time and in some stages even slightly ahead of schedule.

The main engine is a 3200 hp Atlas MAK and will deliver a thrust of at least 32 tons. She has a 425 hp bow thruster which is a lot for a boat of this size.

What is being done now is the final phase of dredging where the embankments will be located. The embankments have been built continuously and filled in as the dredging progressed. Dredging in the fairway has started and preparatory work for maintenance dredging in the southern port has begun. The creation of new land surfaces will be completed next summer.

In environmental terms, we are incredibly pleased that we are so far below the limit values allowed in existing water judgments. The textile screens and bubble curtains installed around the work areas are working better than expected.

When the project is completed, 5 ha of new land has been built in water, which together with the 3 ha of existing land has created an 8 ha area that will become the future port area.

Port of Skellefteå has submitted an application to the Land and Environmental Court regarding the construction of the approximately 260 m long quay to be built in connection with the new land area. The application also includes some dredging work to create a fairway depth of at least 11 meters.

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