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Loading and unloading by crane

Port of Skellefteå currently has four cranes in use that together can handle both small and large lifts.


The Gottwald HMK 6507 is the port's newest addition. The electric crane was put into service in 2022 and is mainly used for container lifts. Elgott also has a battery backup which can be used when moved around the port.

Capacity: 125 tons at 20 meters, 40 tons at 51 meters
Reach: 51 meters
Weight: 450 tons


The Gottwald HMK 260E is one of the port's options for heavy lifting, bulk handling and container lifting. The crane was purchased in 2002.

Capacity: 100 tons at 10-18 meters, 26 tons at 44 meters.
Reach: 44 meters
Weight: 300 tons

The 65

MultiDocker CH65 is a fast and small crane, mainly used for sawn timber and bagged goods. The crane is our second oldest and has been operating in the port since 2010.

The 85

MultiDocker CH85 is Port of Skellefteå's most active crane, which with a higher undercarriage than the 65 can serve larger vessels. The port purchased the crane in 2013.


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28 February 2024
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