Aboard Baus

The tugboat Baus entered our business in 2012. The tugboat is modified and upgraded to fit Port of Skellefteås needs, which differs from the ship’s previous service.

Baus was built in Norway in 1970 and has largely served on the North Sea or as harbor tug in Finland and Norway.

The main machine is an Atlas MAK of 3200 hp and will deliver a traction force of at least 32 tonnes. She has a 425 hp bow thruster which is very much for a boat of this size.

“We will be more competitive and able to handle more and bigger ships”

He states that at the present time the port could triple freight turnover without having to make any major changes. “But this is a venture to survive in the long run and become more competitive,” says Lars Widelund. Northern Forest Owners are a major customer at the port. “For the Northern Forest Owners, the benefit is obvious, from Kåge we have 2.5 mil of land transport and the port of Holmsund is 16.5 mil. Suppose we send half the amount via Holmsund in the future – there would be 1,800 long-range lasers, plus home travel. It would be an incredibly large environmental benefit for society if we could ship from the immediate area instead, “said Erik Eliasson. The Piteå company Wibax, which distributes chemical products to the basic industry in Europe, has grown and increased the need for the port.

– In Skellefteå we have a very good cooperation. We feel that they are good at creating the conditions that we will in the long run be able to connect with new customers, such as when they built railroads to the oil port. It was very important for our port logistics, says Magnus Sundström, CEO of Wibax Logistics AB. With the new quay there are theoretical possibilities for vessels with Kvarkenmaxdjupet at 15.30 meters to call at Port of Skellefteå.

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